The Best Deals From Made In’s President’s Day Sale

2023-02-19 06:41:10 By : Mr. Jack Shao

Cookware brand Made In doesn’t always offer sales (in fact it rarely does), but when it happens, we tend to go absolutely H.A.M. From professional chefs to beloved comedians to our own kitchens, America’s most important cooks love the brand, and rightly so. When I learned that Made In was doing a salute-worthy Presidents’ Day sale with items up to 30% off, I pulled out my wallet, brewed a pot of coffee, and canceled all my appointments. I mean, what better way to honor some of our country’s greatest dead guys than by treating ourselves to superior cookware? 

I’m probably not going to use my precious Made In carbon-steel griddle to make the favorite foods of Joe Biden and Barack Obama (apparently ice cream and nachos, respectively—if you’re curious), but I might use it to make hoecakes, a.k.a. the fave dish of none other than George Washington. Would I cook up some grits in a beautiful non-stick frying pan to honor Jimmy Carter and toast up with the gang using some killer glassware to celebrate John Adams’ love of hard cider? A patriot would do no less.  Omelet Pan

The Best Deals From Made In’s President’s Day Sale

This Presidents’ Day (sale), ask not what your kitchen can do for you, but what you can do for your kitchen. Here are some items that Theodore Roosevelt would definitely have picked up if he’d had the chance.

Share a slice of freedom

Not only do Made In’s knives look amazing, but they’re sharp as hell and they feel incredible. I have this set, and the nakiri (veggie chopper) and paring knife have basically replaced other, lesser versions in my kitchen for daily use.

Revolutionize your whole stove situation

Scoring 25% off this 10-piece stainless set means you’re 100% closer to cooking like an absolute pro. With a new stock pot, saute pan, frying pans, and sauce pans, you’re about to be the next president… of making gumbo and pasta. 

Become your neighborhood’s ranking general of high-heat cooking

Made In’s carbon steel pans are for serious business, and from the steaks you’ll turn out in the frying pan to the amazing veggies (or wings, let’s be real) that’ll happen in the grill pan, this set will stoke anybody’s fire (but especially your dad’s). 

Fry and stew your way to the promised land

Listen, we don’t have to convince you that enameled cast iron rules. It’s hopelessly attractive and will cook the hell out of anything you bring to it (like me… just kidding, haha). Anyway, your kitchen deserves a cast iron update—you know it, I know it, and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln knows it. 

Host your own state dinner

Here’s a secret the government won’t tell you (as if we need more of those): Anybody can host a president-worthy dinner full of distinguished guests. Just assemble all your best diplomats (your friends who live near you), prepare an elevated feast (pizza and wine), and give everyone something to toast with (roll out your new Made In glassware set). Then, raise your glass as “The National Anthem” (Radiohead’s version, of course) plays. That’s basically what they do in the White House, right?

Enjoy your Presidents’ Day weekend, and treat yourself to some sick new kitchen gear to honor your favorite presidents. Now, if the government would only explain those dang UFO takedowns, am I right, people?!

Check Out Made In’s Presidents’ Day sale here. 

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The Best Deals From Made In’s President’s Day Sale

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